Using a topic map can help to facilitate a more natural and insightful conversation

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What is a topic map?

Explained with Tuckman’s model of group development and the Design Sprint process

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What is a Design Sprint?

Tuckman’s model of group development

Start documenting your UX process to keep your team aligned on product decisions.

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What is UX design documentation?

  • Information about users, their needs, motivations, problems;
  • product features;
  • project deadlines;
  • design explorations and the pros and…

UX101 for designing good tasks to test your prototypes

Image from Freepik. Writing a good task scenario is like painting a scene

#1 List the main goals users need to accomplish on your product

  • What…

UX101 for designing good questions

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Open-ended vs binary questions

Ask: Open-ended questions

Addressing unmet customer needs in unexplored markets

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

Using tools and diagrams to visualise complex problems and interactions in a business


Reflect upon 2019 with these guiding questions and start 2020 right.

How did you spend your time this year?

Notes from Katja Forbes’ presentation at DesignUp Conference 2019, Singapore, with additional notes and research by author (me)

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Key statistics on AI

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Enhancing and Showing Skill Sets

#1 Completing the UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly

Leow Hou Teng

UX Designer at BitTitan, Singapore. LinkedIn =>

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