Hover is Hiring: Business Operations Intern (Full time, 4 Roles)

6 min readApr 8, 2022


Hover is based out of Toronto but provides drone services across Canada.


  • Hover is hiring a paid Business Operations intern to work a mix of remote & in-person in Toronto starting Mid May 2022 for a period of 4 months. We have some flexibility here for start time.
  • Applicant MUST be either currently enrolled in a post-secondary degree (Undergrad, Master’s, or PHD) or be a recent graduate of no more than 2 years to be considered.
  • The contract can be extended up to a year for all successful candidates.
  • We are attempting to launch a Drone Delivery service located on Toronto Island, and you will be an integral part of that.
  • Shifts on the island MUST take place during peak hours (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday), meaning you should be available then.
  • Pay starts at $10k base with expenses & bonuses up to $5k per person.
  • Potential employees can also work another job or be in school, as long as hours can be met on weekends.
CEO & Founder Cameron Rowe

About Us

We operate a drone service company conducting operations across Canada on almost a daily basis. As a company, it’s important we keep looking forward and seeing what’s to come in the future of our industry. This is where we need your help.

Flying drones is a difficult skill to master but one that can help in numerous situations, such as search and rescue, construction mapping, hydro line inspection, wind turbine inspection, marketing, and more. Hover provides a turnkey solution that helps companies conduct these inspections & creatively market their properties much cheaper than it would cost to hire a helicopter to achieve the same results.

This brings us to why we want to hire you.

Drone Delivery is not a question of “if” but when. We know that drones are currently being developed by other companies to achieve drone delivery at scale but it hasn’t quite been figured out yet.

Our goal this summer is to test that theory through something called an MVP or minimum viable product. This MVP is what we need help with.

The chart above highlights a shift in the current delivery technique that will change how cities are planned and how people interact with machines.

If this gets you excited then this may be a good fit for you.

Drone & Delivery Box Unit

Who we’re looking for:

We are looking to onboard up to 4 full-time operations intern to help us in the planning and execution of not only Drone Delivery, but general business activities to help the startup run smoothly. This is a paid position, starting at a $10k base with up to $5k extra, which will primarily be paid out in the form of expenses (travel, food, misc). We are looking for someone who gets as excited as we do about our business and wants to grow with us. You will be working directly with the founder, a young, high-energy, loud (sometimes very loud), & driven person, with the potential for this role to continue up to a year for successful candidates.

Why you might love working at Hover:

- We want to make an impact. So many companies make people dread waking up to go to them. We reject that notion and believe that what we do should have an impact. The issues we’re tackling are huge and the potential for growth in this industry will be crucial to how not only e-commerce & food delivery is changed, but also critical lifesaving organ transplants, affecting millions of people in the future.

- You’ll get a ton of autonomy to work on your projects without having someone breathing down your neck. We will help support you if you’re working in person or online to help set achievable but ambitious targets that you’re comfortable executing on.

- The robotics we use are some of the most advanced that exist. You can help us use them for practical applications, helping to commercialize this tech and actually test to see if people will spend their money with us on these solutions

- You will get the responsibility to make decisions on the spot. Most startups fail, and so with that in mind, we don’t want it to be because of bureaucracy or delays in getting approval.

Why you might not like working at Hover:

- Like any startup, Hover changes very quickly. Our goals, direction, and efforts may have to pivot as progress is made, or a lack of progress is identified. Being okay with this is crucial. It is easy to fall in love with a solution or a product but if it is not generating any or only a little revenue it can’t last forever. If you aren’t able to handle some of these challenges, we may not be a good fit for you.

- There will be high levels of uncertainty. We aren’t capable of predicting the future, and some things may not work or may have been a waste of our time. This can be demoralizing, and although we will be there as a team to support one another, it may not be for everyone.

- You won’t have much oversight. Although this may be a perk for some people, others are used to taking direction constantly. Everyone is different, and there are no hard feelings if thats something you are seeking.

Dual Operator Mode on our DJI system.

Job Specific Requirements:


  • **MUST be either currently enrolled, or a recent graduate of no more than 2 years from any post-secondary program in Canada (to take advantage of a grant program helping us cover salary costs).
  • Excellent oral & written communication skills.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to execute what you say you will.

Nice to have:

  • Prior entrepreneurial/startup experience.
  • Directly interacting with customers (serving, retail, etc.)
  • Project Management experience.
  • Knowledge about marketing.
  • Social media marketing skills.
  • Interests in drones, ai, robotics, or other relevant fields.

Next Steps

Applying for a job can be a difficult process so we’ve tried to streamline it to make it as easy as possible.

1. Please complete this google form; we want to know a little about you, go over your resume and, see if you fit our requirements. (10–15 mins).

2. If we believe you’re a good fit we’ll invite you to conduct an online recorded video interview (10–15 mins).

3. After reviewing the video we will offer select candidates an interview 1on1 with our founder to go over the requirements of the job and get to know you a little more.

If you are successful through this process your first day of work would start in the latter half of May (May 15–31) If this is an issue we have some flexibility.

Thank you for reading through this, we appreciate your time. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make this process easier for you.




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