The Soul of a New Game

Hi, I’m @hoverbird. You may remember me from such games as Firewatch and such websites as Twitter.

I’m working independently on something new and insanely exciting… at least for a certain type of person. It’s too early to share details, but here are some coy hashtags to give you an idea:

#narrative #adventure #future #cities #emotional #survival
A mood piece, to give you a sense of the game’s world

UPDATE 3/15/17 — This position has been filled! Thanks for applying, everyone.

This post is about finding that certain type of person: specifically, a senior programmer with a knack for world building. We’ve assembled a small, yet embarrassingly talented game development team, but we’re still missing our technical lead. If this might be you, read on — if not, share this post widely with folks who might be a fit!

The team is extremely multidisciplinary: our art director is a game designer, our writers train AIs and build adventure games, and our project lead is also our lead programmer. That last little bit is where you come in, actually: having built a prototype we’re excited about, it’s time to throw it away and partner with an awesome engineer to make it real, and make it great.

Do you have

  • 4+ years of programming experience on shipping games (esp. in the games industry, though we’ll consider game jam portfolios too)
  • 2+ years of experience shipping games in a modern framework (Unity preferred)
  • A keen eye for good UI and game design
  • Strong communication skills
  • A scrappy approach to problem solving…
  • …balanced with a commitment to readable code and documentation

It would be extra sweet if you also have

  • A talent for crafting modern UIs (responsive, touch-friendly and animated)
  • A deep knowledge of Unity’s asset pipeline and C# APIs
  • An abiding love for storytelling in games
  • Experience shipping a cross-platform game in Unity
  • Experience tweaking/rewriting shaders in a PBR pipeline
  • Experience with generative text / geometry (hello, bot friends!)

Did I mention that WE have

  • Competitive salaries and generous profit sharing
  • As individuals, shipped critically acclaimed, best-selling games with tens of millions of paid downloads
  • Amazing art direction and narrative sense
  • A pantsless, work-from-home lifestyle
  • Really quite nice hair, or so people tell us

If you’re interested, please send a your resumé/LinkedIn along with a brief introduction to, or hit me up on Twitter, my DMs are always open. I promise to respond to all inquiries within 10 days, and will excitedly divulge more details on the project if it seems like a potential fit. And/or if you’ll be at GDC this year, come find me after my talk!

Watch this space— we’ll be sharing more details soon!