Swagtron or Swagway as it was formally known, is part of a next generation hoverboard evolution.In this Swagway Swagtron review discover what makes it tick. You will learn why it is better, safer, faster, and higher quality.Of course no product is perfect. So I am sure you want to scoop on both pros and the cons? This review will cover things we love about it, and also some of the things we don’t like about it. Hopefully the review information will help you make up your own mind about the Swagtron smart balance scooter.

T3 Gold Front View Swagway
Aluminum Swagway Rims

Don’t Get Confused About The New Swagtron Name

First a clarification about the name. The old product name Swagway, which sounds a lot like a Segway board, has now been changed to Swagtron. If you type in the old Swagtron website it now redirects to the new Swagtron domain name. I know it’s a tongue twister, and might even make you a little dizzy trying to say all these similar sounding names. Kind of like saying something like “Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers”. Ha ha. Try to say Swagway, Swagtron, Segway as fast as you can. I bet you can’t.

Swagway Names

But anyway we’ll stop with the jokes and get on with the review.The reason for the name change seems to be because they were forced after Segway (which is another company entirely) sued for trademark infringement, due to the similarity of the name Swagway to Segway.Regardless though, the company has an overall good track record for making quality products. The company reputation shows they have been dealing honestly with customers. We are not saying anything bad about the name. All we are doing is making sure you know which products we are talking about.Also keep in mind the term “Segway board” is often used as a general catch all phrase to describe any 2 wheel electric self-balancing scooter. So we will continue to use all these names interchangeably throughout this review article.The main point here is that there is no Swagtron vs Swagway, because it is essentially the same company. Unless of course you are referring to the old Swagway scooter models, versus the new ones. Swagtron is still selling the old inventory (under the old name) on some websites. But we do not recommend that you buy any of those scooters (such as the Swagway X1 or X3). The reason is explained below.Ok, so now that we made that clear let’s get right into the rest of this T1 and T3 review and comparison.

T1 Dark Red

Swagtron T1 and T3 Stats

The Pros (What We Love About Swagtron Scooters)

Both Swagtron T1 and T3 Come in a Wide Array of Super Cool Stylish Colors

Swagtron colors and the finishes look amazing. They come in a good selection of colors compared to most other hoverboards.Swagtron T1 comes in 6 cool colors. They are white, dark red, black, yellow (or yellow gold), blue, and pink. But pink is usually out of stock and hard to get.The T3 comes in the same colors except that the “gold” for the T3 does not look like a yellow gold. It looks more like real gold metal.

Swagway Colors

Click The Pictures Below to see More Enlarged HD Images of Each Color

Swagway Swagtron Catching Fire Won’t Happen

The safety of a product is always one of the first points we cover in our reviews. If it’s going to blow up in your house, then it really makes no sense to have one, period. Of course this is common sense, but it can’t hurt to mention the obvious.The first question people might often ask is, “what about Swagway hoverboard fires?” This is something on a lot of people’s minds. And something understandably stops people from buying hoverboards.If you or your children were heartbroken or disappointed when you realized the first generation hoverboards were catching fire we have some great news for you. The good news is you won’t have to worry about this happening to Swagtron. Unlike many other cheap hoverboard scooters, Swagtron has been scientifically tested at Underwriters Laboratories and certified against very strict fire safety standards. In fact the Swagtron hoverboard is the world’s first UL 2272 certified 2 wheel scooter of its kind.

What does that mean? And why should you care? To be approved for UL 2272 certification, an electric self-balancing scooter must go through months of stringent scientific fire and explosion safety testing. This testing covers every aspect of the scooters electrical and charging systems. It will only be certified after repeated and prolonged tests prove it won’t catch fire. Many hoverboard companies have to go through 2 or 3 cycles of testing and redesigning before they are approved. The process can take months.You should only buy approved UL 2272 hoverboard scooters. NEVER to buy any hoverboard without the UL 2272 seal. Having the full certification ensures it has been tested for virtually ALL possible electrical system flaws that could cause it to combust.

Don’t Buy The Swagway X1 or X3 Models

The last time we visited Swagtron’s website it appeared they are still selling inventory of the Swagway X3 and X1 models. Those models are NOT UL 2272 certified.We recommend that you DO NOT buy those. Only the battery inside is UL 2271 certified. That is a good thing, but in our opinion still not good enough. The entire electrical system needs to be tested and certified. That is the only way you can be sure it is safe. Plus the T1 and T3 scooters are really not that much more expensive. It makes no sense to get the older non tested scooter when the new version is already out and proven to be safe.As you may or may not already know, exploding hoverboards have been a constant problem over the last year. It’s hard to find a day that goes by without seeing another hoverboard fire reported in the news. Obviously something had to be done to stop this madness. Luckily a solution is now in place. High standards of an electric scooter’s quality and safety have been established in the industry. This is the best thing to happen for the industry since the invention of these mini Segway electric boards. With the UL 2272 certification you can be confident that a certified scooter is just as safe as a quality laptop or smart phone!When you see this UL 2272 holographic seal on the bottom of a scooter you know it safe to buy:

UL 2272 Seal On Bottom of Scooter

Beware though many scammers are putting fake certification labels and stickers on cheap scam products. But with the right information to empower you there is an easy way to see past this scam. You can prove easily whether or not the seal is real. Go to UL’s website to check and make sure if it’s real. Here is how you do that:Go Here and type in “FKIS” in the “UL Category Code” box. You will see Swagway LLC listed a few pages back. Click on that. Then you will see the UL 2272 certification listed under the T1 and T3 models.

Swagtron Patented Sentry Shield Battery

The Swagtron battery pack is probably the safest battery pack ever made for a hoverboard. This unique patented UL 2271 certified battery pack is constructed with a multi-layer protection design and sealed in a solid aluminum fireproof casing.

Swagtron Sentry Shield Battery pack

Considering the fact that most hoverboard fires start with the battery pack, this is a major plus. Having a strong metal casing (as opposed to combustible plastic) will prevent any fires from the battery due to damage or malfunction. Even if the battery were to explode (which it will not because it has been tested and certified by UL against explosion) the metal casing would contain any spread of flames. Even the best constructed batteries can be damaged from accidents or abuse. Puncturing any lithium-ion battery can cause it to explode. This aluminum casing is an added extra layer of protection that can give you greater peace of mind.The proprietary lithium-ion design from Swagtron is called Sentry Shield™. This one feature alone makes the Swagway Swagtron one of our tops picks and best hoverboards for 2016.

Swagtron Hoverboard is For Sale Now With Lots of New Upgrades

We already discussed the major safety improvements compared to the old Swagway X1 and X3 scooters.Swagtron T1 and T3 are both a big step up from the old Swagway scooters with a lot of upgrades.

Some Of The Upgrades Are:

  • Ungraded smoother and faster dual electric 300 W motors.
  • Upgraded gear stabilization resulting in an overall smoother ride, better traction, and tighter control.
  • Flame retardant foot pads with better grip and better safet
  • New patented poly carbonate scratch resistant plastic, for a safer fire retardant outer shell.
  • Five level battery indicator lights can track power levels more accurately (T3 only).
T3 Battery Level Indicator Lights
  • Green color indicator light change to notify of full charge status.
  • Better grip traction tires.
  • Both Swagtron T1 and T3 have a more open wheel well configuration for better tire rotation, clearance of debris, and easier maintenance (not to mention how cool the milled exposed aluminum wheel rims look).
  • And finally a new learning mode option for beginners.

Awesome Swagtron T3 iPhone/Android App Connects via Bluetooth 4.0

Swagtron is one of the few electric scooters that has such an extensive app (or any app at all). There are lots of cool things you can do with this free app. You have the choice to download either the iPhone version from iTunes or Android from Google Play.The app will allow you to track your speed, distance, acceleration, temperature, route history, and battery level among other things.

Swagtron App Speed screen
Swagway app battery level screen

The Swagtron smartphone app is also how you control the settings for the new learning mode. From the app you can tweak your max speed, max acceleration, and steering sensitivity. As you get better at riding you can gradually tweak each of those up with your own custom settings that work best for you.

Swagtron App Learning Mode Screen
App Swagtron Bluetooth Screen

Swagtron Bluetooth Speakers for T3 Model

If you are one of those people who likes to turn your ride into a party then the T3 Swagtron is for you. With the high quality Bluetooth connected speakers you can play all of your favorite tunes from your smartphone as you coast.

The Overall Look of The Scooters is Very Sleek, Stylish and Compact

The look of the scooters are very modern and sleek. Combining the high quality shiny rims with the compact design, body finish, and futuristic looking front LED lights, it really does look like something more advanced than earlier hoverboards. Because of the compact design it seems to hide more under your feet for a more incognito ride.

Swagtron T3 White Top View

Has a Very Sturdy Solid Feel Both in Your Hands and When Riding it

Unlike many cheap scooters that you might find at the mall this hoverboard has a very solid feel to it because of the quality materials it is made of.The ride is also smooth and sturdy due to the advanced upgraded hardware and software systems that stabilize the ride.

Great Customer Service

Swagtron is a very responsive company and caters well to customer needs. They try very hard to address customer needs and concerns.

All Swagtron Scooter Have a Good 1 Year Limited Warrenty

Unlike many other hoverboards that cost hundreds of dollars, but have no warranty, Swagway offers a great 1 year limited warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing.

1 Year Swagway hoverboard Warranty

Differences between Swagtron T1 and T3

There are some differences between the Swagway T1 and T3 models, besides the most obvious one, which is the design. They look slightly different. The T3 is the more beefed up thicker scooter. The center has a larger diameter circle. And the finish is more of a matt finish as opposed to the shinier T1. The T1 is more compact and sleek.

T1 and T3 Visual Differences

The T3 model is the only one with the app. And the T3 is the only one with built in Bluetooth speakers. And last the T3 is the only one with the advanced riding mode.In our opinion it is well worth it to pay a little bit more for all the extra features of the T3, especially the app.

The Cons (Things We Don’t Like)

The Swagtron Price is a Little Higher

In our view this is a very reasonable priced scooter for the quality you get. It is a much lower cost than some of the others we have reviewed. But some people don’t really have any idea on how much a safe quality hoverboard should cost.The price of this item might be considered as a downside to some people. So that is why we are listing it as a con, even though we don’t think the price is that high.If you are expecting to get a safe scooter for $100 then you are bound to be disappointed. With the current market price of the materials and manufacturing you are not going to be able to find a safe one for that. The Swagtron Swagway price is about as low as you can expect to find for a hoverboard that won’t explode and catch fire.

Max Speed is a Little Lower Compared to Some Other Types of Scooters

For a 2 wheeled hoverboard the max speed is actually higher than many similar scooters. But compared to something like the Ninebot Mini or One Wheel Unicycle scooters like Ninebot One, the speed is a lot slower.If you are a speed demon you might want to look at some of our other reviews for faster scooters.

This Type of Hoverboard Does Not Ride Well Off-Road

As with all smaller wheeled scooters they do not ride well off-road. It is best for smoother surface not rocky or unstable ground.

The Final Review Verdict

Other than a few minor things we don’t have much negative to say about Swagtron electric scooters.They are moderately priced, high quality, safe, fun, and really nice looking hoverboard scooters.Swagway Swagtron is one of our top picks for the best hoverboards of 2016. If you have been sitting on the fence we highly recommend that you go out and get one.

T3 Blue Front View

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