Hello, I’m Dave Caron.

I am so glad to welcome you on an adventure to the Town of Hoverchair, a town filled with fuddy-duddy characters, floatin’ around, living their best lives, eager to escape on an adventure with you.

Hoverchair is wonderful but it’s just tooooooo darn “perfect” here, it doesn’t feel real. The only way to help these characters escape the peril of their digital existence is through apparel, worn in the metaverse and IRL. Through you, the Hoverchairians can see the world, .

. To prevent gas wars, all drops are conducted on a private sale prior to public sale if any remain. The price will vary for each Character in the lore.

Please view all characters here:

Join me in an interactive adventure, across the world and metaverse.

”. I will draw ~50 unique characters to inhabit the town of Hoverchair, your walls, and your dresser drawers.

”. These characters will be minted as images on 1155 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain in 3000x3000px 300DPI format. The NFTs will have different rarities from 1/1 to 1/50.

”. The purpose of the Hoverchair Collection is to inspire people to stop hovering in place, and LIVE!

”. Each collector will have exclusive access to a limited-edition hi-res physical numbered print of their NFT artwork, 12x12in on studio-quality canvas or print, at cost + s/h.

”. Each collector will have exclusive access to limited-edition apparel in the Hoverchair collection clothing line from characters that they own, at cost + s/h.

”. We will encourage collectors to engage with our NFTs, join our community and wear our apparel.
We also encourage doing good deeds for others, creating art, and reaching outside of your comfort zone.

I will reserve earned in the sale collection to give back to the community, in addition to NFTs, art, apparel and other prizes for:
• Taking your Hoverchair characters out in the world to
and breaking through adventure barriers
while doing
the metaverse and helping newbies onboard
and .

A complete list of my links are available here:

*We are considerate of individuals in our community with disabilities and will include equitably accessible opportunities for utility and rewards to all individuals, regardless of disability, age, or other qualifying factors.



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