The Key to My Career

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The job search process is demanding and competitive. You are only given one opportunity to catch the eyes of the company you’re applying for, and their first impression of you is given through writing. This is why it is crucial to pick the best words in your resume, that fit what the position is asking for. Key words can catch the employer’s attention, and cause them to look over your resume in further detail. They can be what separates you from landing the job, or missing it.

Job Ad Research

My job search is in the Health Care Management field. My goal is to first be a manager at any health care facility, just to get a sense of what the field is like. I will then go from there and hope to land a job at a clinic, and then eventually a department in the hospital setting.

In my findings, I found that many employer’s were looking for people with great leadership quality and people skills. Some of the keywords in most of the listings were: direct, interpersonal, friendly, and goals. To help shape my ability to the needs of these positions, I would include my leadership in groups and the goals I completed in them. I also found that there was a common need for computer skills, especially in Excel, Power Point and Word. For these keywords, I would list my skills for these applications as well.

Primary Job Ads

Job 1:

Clinic Operations Manager, Tri-County Health Care

The primary function of the Clinic Operations Manager is to lead and direct the day-to-day operations of Ambulatory Services. Working cross-functionally throughout the organization promoting patient safety, clinical quality, patient/family experience, access to care, employee accountability, employee engagement, provider engagement.

Job 2:

Practice Manager, Home Health Care

The Practice Manager is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the administrative and clinical area while carrying out management responsibilities in accordance with the organizations policies and procedures for the Physician Practice.

Supplementary Job Ads

Job 3:

National Account Manager, Alliant Personnel Resources

Job 4:

Payment Analyst (Healthcare), abeo Management Corp.

Job 5:

Supervisor — Patient Registration, Mercy General Hospital


excel, patient, direct, coordinates, billing, TCHC, health system, implementation, communication, clinical services, efficiency, inspire, effectiveness, staffing, performance reviews, interpersonal, professionally, marketing, geriatric, friendly, policies, budgets, data, supervises, leadership, safety, disease control, patient care, problem identification, resolution, self-motivated, care delivery, revenue, compliance, management, MS word, Power Point, flexible, respond, computer skills

Professional Keywords:

coordinates, budgets, policies, revenue, excel, performance reviews, self motivated, direct, problem identification, efficiency, computer skills

Most Essential Keywords

  • Communication: friendly, interpersonal, compliance, flexible
  • Leadership: inspire, direct, management, problem identification, resolution
  • Knowledge: excel, power point, MS word, policies, computer skills