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5 things you should buy on Cyber Monday

There are lots of deals to be had on Black Friday. But, sometimes it pays to wait a couple of days for Cyber Monday. Here are some types of items it might be best to wait for.

  1. Clothing. This includes shoes. The author found roughly the same number of clothing deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  2. Travel. The author found that deals on hotels, flights, and cruises were abundant.
  3. Beauty Products. The author found that a lot of retailers offered similar deals to Black Friday. What made them better was the ability to stack discounts on Cyber Monday.
  4. Televisions. Not all the good deals for TVs are on Black Friday. You’ll find plenty on Cyber Monday. There’s also less of a chance of stock outs too!
  5. Other electronics. Cell phone deals tend to be better on Thanksgiving. But, bargains on laptops and tablets are more likely on Cyber Monday.

5 signs you’re overspending in retirement

For some, underspending in retirement is a problem. A bigger problem, though, is overspending. If you spend your retirement savings, it’s likely gone for good.

  1. You’re not sure how much you should be spending. If you don’t have a budget, you’re usually spending too much. A budget can help keep you on track in the short and long-term.
  2. You spend more than 6% of your savings each year. There are many factors to consider. Spending more than this could draw your savings down too fast, though.
  3. You pay too much interest. The average retired person spends 31% of their income on their house payment. Money used to pay interest could be compounding if left in savings.
  4. You are doing everything you ever dreamed of. You’ve earned the right to do some things you want. Beware of doing it all at once, though. Don’t use up all your savings in the first few years of retirement.
  5. You’re not working a side job. Perhaps you saved too little or are spending too much. A side job can fill in the gaps. Even a modest paying job can go a long way towards giving you a comfy retirement.

Make plans for your money, don’t just ‘wing it’

Life is full of financial events. Some are minor, like the holidays. Other are huge, like retirement. Whether big or small, it makes sense to plan. The right tools will help you follow your plan. Take a look at the (timely) How 2 Budget for the Holidays Premium and Lite versions. Also, keep an eye for retirement tools in the near future.


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