Eid Mubarak!

We as Muslims, are blessed with our deep love and respect for the holy month of Ramadan and its special rituals — night prayers, Koran recital, charity work, sleepless nights, socializing and dining events with delicious food. Ramadan is sacrosanct, peacefull and family oriented.

This year however, Ramadan was distinctive, it has the longest hours of fasting since it came in June (the summer time). But was sadly bloody, the amount of blasts and bloodshed that swept the Muslim world during this holy month were shocking extending from Dhaka to Istanbul, Baghdad, Jeddah and lately Al-Madinah.

Noticeably, the congratulatory messages exchanged in social media and among friends were gloomy, praying for peace and stability, denouncing ISIS ideology, and yearning for Muslims unity regardless of sects or creed.

Ramadan also enjoys the highest rate of television viewership. This year, I watched TV after iftar only. MBC has shown several distinguishable shows with direct messages trying to refute and filter Islam from common must misconceptions and unauthentic norms. Special kudos to the producers of Qomra, Madarek, Selfie and Mammoun&Partners. You have brilliantly understood our quagmire as Muslims and hopefully your programs will contribute in shaping our youth mindsets and save us from inevitable brinkmanship!