Down With Dope, Up With Hope

The melodrama surrounding ad blocking was surprising. I understand that publishers are passionate about protecting their primary source of revenue, but I’m confused that the realization that banners suck is a recent discovery.

We’ve known that banner ads are ineffective for years. Some of you might recall a time when it was commonplace for brand managers to think .07% meant 7 clicks out of 100 impressions. It does not.

Today media companies quote .05% as the average clickthrough rate. They’ve also seemingly stopped providing media plans, or even putting up a fight when I push for static images instead of animating in HTML5.

Video pre-roll is the ad du jour. The traditional spot.

I don’t believe that the intrusiveness of ads is the real issue here. While being forceful with your message is a turn-off, it is also a primary tactic of marketing.

People have never liked marketing. They will host parties and put up with the NFL to watch good advertising.

So perhaps it’s time to put down our calendars, spreadsheets, and put an end to our prolonged discussions about what color makes a button pop.

It’s clear that, despite their unfounded confidence that they were right, that we stop funding marketers.

Let them go sell Volkswagens while the rest of us make work we’re proud of.

I’m pretty certain I’m right.

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