I help Flower Businesses Win Prestige with High-Level Identity Design and Branding

Many flower businesses look no different to other flower businesses. Because they look like everyone else, they appear interchangeable and clients will make their decisions based on price. That causes a race to the bottom and quality suffers.

What would happen if there was a release of incredible energy, functionality, and beauty into your products, services, and experiences such you are pulled from the sea of competitors, to take up residence in your own prestigious domain?

Identity and Branding Design systems contain this promise. It’s how luxury markets are captured and held, it’s how clients pursue them and then stay loyal. These brands are hard to resist. They creates and retain buyers.

When a client meets the Path of Least Resistance, buying will be faster, more satisfying and rewarding than not buying.

We help businesses distinguish themselves and separate themselves from the herd. Identity Design and Branding are tools that express the values of a company. We are experts in using these tools.

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Originally published at Howard Stein.