I disagree with Mr.
Howard Burbidge

Apparently Mr Scudder is acknowledging that he did not in fact read the Wikileaks documents. Perhaps he heeded election thief and soon to be ex-temporary DNC chair Donna Brazile’s advice not to open any of those files because who knows what kind of secret commie malware might be hidden in there?

His viciously condescending and dismissive responses serve to clearly illustrate why so many folks hate the Clintons and their snotty acolytes.

Perhaps if Mrs. Clinton had run a campaign that consisted of something more substantive than “I’m not Trump” and showed sufficient judgement (her aides even questioned her judgement in numerous emails) to refrain from dissing millions of Americans as deplorables she might have had a shot, though it’s doubtful. She might have learned something from Mitt Romney in 2012 but learning lessons has never been her strong suit. For example, she was one of the last of the dead-enders in DC to cling to the belief that smashing Iraq to pieces for no good reason was a sound idea.

Clinton has no one else but herself to blame for her loss and the party’s even more staggering losses, although I acknowledge that she does not have any special talents pertaining to campaigning, as was also quite clearly demonstrated in 2008.

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