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Keith is the 35th most prolific fundraiser out of 535 Congress critters, an eloquent communicator, telegenic, a solid progressive who doesn’t feel an obligation to kiss Netanyahu’s arse, holds a safe seat in which he was re-elected to the tune of 70% of the vote in a predominately white, Christian district, has the backing of Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Chuck Shumer, Liz Warren, Chris Murphy and Harry Reid among others. Not the mythical ‘perfect choice’, just a very good one indeed, a vast improvement over the previous hack and the current joker, and a decidedly better choice than unregistered big pharma lobbyist, Howard Dean.

If the party wishes to even convey the *appearance* that they have learned anything from this 2016 debacle, then they must choose Ellison over Dean, and it seems with the apparent growing support of Dem party leadership for Ellison's bid, they likely will.

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