John Cornyn

Thanks, Senator Cornyn, for your work on this important legislation, and for working in a bipartisan manner, especially in our difficult political climate. Your courage on this issue is remarkable! Thanks for fighting the good fight, because that’s what this is. I’m sure that plaintiff’s attorneys’ lobbies are working hard to defeat your efforts. Appreciate your passion to get this legislation done. Godspeed on your efforts.

I am a victim of frivolous patent litigation and have experienced first hand the “extortion” that Senator Schumer refers to in the video. The demotivating effect on entrepreneurs and innovation is not only unjust, it is counterproductive to making the US competitive in the global economy. Practically speaking, although I personally built a small technology company, I believe that the cumulative effect on our largest companies, is devestating to the industry, even though they can “afford” to defend themselves. This money could be more effectively utilized creating products, jobs and building their companies.

On a personal note, I grew up in the Heights in Houston, Texas, the son of an Air Force Lt. Colonel, and I absolutely loved your anecdote of keeping all of the frogs in the wheelbarrow. Just wanted you to know I “got” that even though Senator Schumer obviously didn’t. LOL

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