Accounting requires the acknowledgment of all the cost, expenses, and results of all associated…
Dan Short

Dan Short nailed it. To that, I would add the following. Each illegal alien “immigrant” to the USA is an offense to every law-abiding applicant for immigration who respected our laws enough to wait in line. Whatever allegedly humanitarian reasons can be ginned up for allowing them legal resident status, they should be barred for life from any “path to citizenship” (or any other government benefit or payout), and any person or firm who has or does employ them should be fined $10,000 per person, per year, for EVERY year they worked here. For the ones in jail here, their country of origin should be required to take them back OR pay the fine in the previous sentence. Will the price of tomatoes or software or computer chips go up? I don’t care; I want the country populated by people who recognize the benefit of citizenship enough to obey the laws, not take over the political processes and the budget, either by extorting the government for designation as voting citizens themselves OR through their progeny. (Want an example where that matters? Look at Britain, then the rest of Europe.) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other self-interest groups would be far less pro-immigrant if they bore the true cost of their sedition instead of imposing it on the rest of us. While we’re at it, we could use an Amendment to the Constitution to state that the courts erred in squeezing tortured conclusions out of the 14th Amendment that grants American citizenship to “anchor babies” by virtue of birth here, whether to immigration frauds, tourists, or anyone else who lack at least one parent who is already a citizen. The Statue of Liberty can still lift her “lamp beside the Golden Door;” those entering it still need sponsors and legal permission of a government that has debated and decided its own quotas and policies on immigration, not just acquiesced to those crashing the gate. As for the COST of deportation, if you sneaked in, go ahead and sneak out on your own dime. Senator Tom Cotton calls for us to cut the level of LEGAL immigration in half; Ann Coulter thinks it should be stopped altogether until we can get a consensus of the legal citizens already here about who should be let in first and how many. If we had 10 million undocumented Germans already here, would we let in a bunch MORE of them? Would we take in any who were illiterate (in English), destined to be welfare recipients, and had no sponsors? If not, what is it you have against Germans (or left-handed Lithuanians for that matter) that you DON’T have against the illegals already here?