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A little more than two years ago I walked into a warmly lit pub and sat down to undergo my new member induction meeting in the Hong Kong Aviation Club. I greeted the lady responsible for this meeting with a little smile and lied to her saying that everything is fine. At that stage in my life nothing was fine. Yes, I became a licensed pilot and yes I was very close to being in the air again. However, it was only 2 months since I realised my then ex cheated on me for another guy. …

The Vietnam War.

What can I say? It’s a topic that surrounds plenty of modern day political arguments, such as the war of both communist and capitalist ideologies. This article isn’t about that, so if you were looking for another cliched article on why we should adopt X ideology you will be disappointed.

This war is arguably one of the bloodiest wars of the 20th century, excluding the Second World War. In total, the United States suffered more than 300,000 combat casualties and nearly 60,000 killed in action. …

Forgive me from diverging slightly from the series of articles “Watches worn by,” because in all my carelessness I realised that there was one manufacturer that I must dedicate an entire article to. This company in question is Marathon Watch Company from Canada.

Listen up, if you want a genuine military issued timepiece that is available off the shelf then this company is your answer.

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Marathon Watch Company (I will refer it to as simply Marathon) was founded in 1939 in Canada and had been supplying timepieces to the US Military and now multiple NATO forces since 1941. …

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” — Winston Churchill, 20th August 1940.

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Anybody with a slither of knowledge of World War II history would know what this line was about, and who Churchill was referring to. Commonly known as “The Few,” this was dedicated to the young pilots of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain.

This series of articles, which I will call “Watches Worn by ___”, will talk about significant wristwatches worn and used by specifically pilots in war. As a pilot myself, I always found myself intrigued about the days when a watch was the only instrument capable of accurately telling time. …

Go on any watch forum, or the comment thread of any watch blog/watch video. You are almost guaranteed to see comments along the lines of:

“Great that it’s got a spring drive movement and good finishing, but it’s just a Seiko and not a Rolex.”

“Anything below $1000 is a waste of time.”

“The design and execution is good, but it’s just another shitter with a Miyota movement, I don’t care how high end it is, it’s just a Miyota.”

These three comments basically sums up any comments below on any sort of watch review/watch video. …

Horology (Noun): The study and measurement of time.

Look around you, how many people are wearing a watch that isn’t a smartwatch? Not a lot isn’t it?

That is what I noticed as well. I am a millennial as well so before any of you call me a, “backward thinking baby boomer,” hear me out.

I am not anti-smartwatch, nor am I anti-technology. I believe that you wear what you like, however I respectfully disagree when many of my peers say that traditional wristwatches are obsolete.

To start off, we must define what is a traditional wristwatch? I would go as far as saying that a traditional wristwatch is any wristwatch that isn’t a smartwatch, so yes that G-Shock is a traditional wristwatch for all intents and purposes. There are many reasons however that a traditional wristwatch should also be worn. …

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Attention to detail, decision making, planning ahead.

Now I know some of you might be thinking, “How is it possible that flying a hunk of metal and aluminium in the air be so profound?” Hear me out. Firstly, there are many activities that one can partake in that can significantly change someone’s beliefs, character and personality. I have heard many say things like, “Running saved my life.” For me, its the process of learning to fly that had a profuse impact on my life.

Going back to 2015, I was in Year 10 and at that time my personality was described as harsh, bad tempered and impulsive. I lacked a plan for many things, I lost my temper easily when things go wrong and worst of all I panic and make decisions out of impulse rather than logic and known procedures. …


Howard “Howardflyer” Lau

Pilot, history lover and also interested in Horology and especially wristwatches.

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