2019 — The Year of The Glitch and Apple is a Luxury

The year 2019 is starting the way 2018 ended…bone spurs in the oval office and glitches in the stock market.

Fat Nixon called the December stock market meltdown a ‘glitch’.

Eddy begs to differ. He says December was the worst month for the S&P 500 in ten years. October wasn’t a barrel of laughs either. . Have a look:

In Fat Nixon’s honor I hope Stocktwits creates an orange #STFG hoodie (Sell The F*@king Glitch).

Tonight, my prized Apple is being slaughtered. I have no place to hide on this.

Apple itself is obviously too big too hide from ‘Tariff man’. They will miss 4th quarter revenue (citing Chinese demand) by $7 billion or about ONE Border Wall.

Apple is a luxury brand and in this new correction/glitch/recession people will stay with Apple just not upgrade with more Apple. I wonder what it would take for Apple to flinch (and come down market) if this continues.

While everyone argues about trend lines and what defines a bear market, I think Apple pre-announcing is just further confirmation that the S&P will have a very tough 2019.

I was reading today that 40 percent of the S&P’s 2019 profits are/were expected to come from overseas.

Cash is your friend. It does not feel like people are appreciating the risk in the markets right now.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.