A Day In San Francsico

Jan 5, 2019 · 2 min read

Before I get into it…Thursday was a bearish opera. I have no idea if it marked a real bottom, but the combination of Apple bears and Gold bulls was literally at all-time highs. I can’t prove it with anything other than my eyeballs that have watched Stocktwits streams and Twitter for 10 years.

What followed today was a massive rally in tech stocks and a pullback in Gold.

I am so glad I do not short stocks for a living.


I am in San Francisco with my son Max and my nephew Jeremy. Jeremy applied for a product internship position this summer at Cloudflare (Austin office) and when he mentioned that to me I thought I would be the cool uncle and set up a tour of Cloudflare SF. The founders — Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn — are friends. Sure enough they made the time very last minute to do the tour and tell him all about the their incredible company. I think Jeremy did well.

The rest of the day they shadowed me at meetings. Here they are at AngelList HQ (the bar of course):

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The highlight of my day was getting to spend some time at the office of Adam Bain (ex COO of Twitter) and Dick Costolo (ex CEO of Twitter). Adam and I have been working on a couple companies together. Adam presented me with this hilarious gift when I arrived:

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Adam is one of the best salesmen I know and has a fantastic sense of humor.

As we left we snapped this group picture:

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A busy day and a great day.

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