Three weeks ago I posted an update on one of our Social Leverage portfolio companies and their ‘token’ offering. I tried as best I could to explain the idea of tokens a week earlier as I was reading everything I could to just get my understanding up to 20 percent.

Yesterday, Civic closed on a $33 million token sale. Here is Reuters coverage.

Facebook alerted me a few days ago that it had been exactly two years since Vinny and I spent the day golfing in Ireland after running into each other at a fintech conference. While the wind whistled, Vinny pitched me on Civic (which at the time was more about voting) and I kept pushing him to a Lifelock 2.0 idea to get it going. Six months later we became the first investors.

The most amazing piece of news though is this:

Just today the #1 use case for the Bitcoin Blockchain over the last 48 hours was payments. Identity verification, via @civickey, was #2.

I love when a plan comes together, even just a little bit.

Way to go Vinny and team Civic.

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