Hello from Tuscany…

While I’m on a fantastic vacation with Ellen and friends this June I have also been working. I don’t like being off the grid for days or weeks. That is not relaxing to me. There is no reason I can’t be available to our Social Leverage companies and partners.

I am getting really good at taking 4–6 hours off the grid at a time though and Tuscany is my favorite place to balance vacation, life and work.

This morning I had a great ride in the hills of Tuscany (Chianti region) with Michael Kinsbergen and we met a nice local man who posed with us:

As for the markets… they keep raging higher. For some perspective have a look at his chart of the bull markets since 1950:

Of course this boom may go on to be the best and biggest of all time but I think it’s important to have some context for how good it’s been … especially for the technology leaders whose CEO’s are hunkered down with Trump this week.

I see a lot of names I recognize hitting all-time highs so I see no reason to fight the tape.

Just keep track of the field position if you are just turning bullish today.

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