Follow the Leader?

I loved this video I found in my stream today and shared it with my own headline ‘Wall Street’:

I got some funny/investing type responses including:

“Where is the contrarian?” and;

“It’s a lot like Silicon Valley”

For the person always wanting to be the contrarian…good luck. I have tried it and I do not have the stomach or the wallet. It is dangerous to follow blindly for sure, but I have a pretty good network and peloton set up.

As for the comparison to Silicon Valley…yes indeed. Some crazy leader jumps off the edge of the earth it seems and others start to follow when they see it might be safer and/or no screams are heard. This works better for me.

I am on this phenomenal journey to become a better investor. If I can help others draft behind me…great. I am drafting off others that play out on the edge and my job is to jump in behind when I think the fog has lifted a little.

Of course, once you are in the water, you have to know how to swim.

Jumping is always scary, but the sooner you learn to swim the better.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.