Living an Antifragile Life

This is my Tuscany office for the next few weeks .

I think it is Antifragile.

The Farnam Street blog has a great post titled ‘Living an Antifragile Life’.

The core principles from the book are:

1. Build in redundancy and layers (no single point of failure)

2. Resist the urge to suppress randomness

3. Make sure that you have your soul in the game

4. Experiment and tinker — take lots of small risks

5. Avoid risks that, if lost, would wipe you out completely

6 . Don’t get consumed by data

7. Keep your options open

8. Focus more on avoiding things that don’t work than trying to find out what does work

9. Respect the old — look for habits and rules that have been around for a long time

1 invest for a living and these rules ring really true for my career.

If I were to add a little more context from the lens of an investor it would be to journal (applies to rule 3) and that ingesting data is fine (rule 6) but remember to focus on your filters.

A lot of investing is like Yoga (rule 9). You repeat the same mantra’s over and over. You look for the same patterns and try to follow a simple daily routine.

Have a great week.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.