Today my son Max is 17. I’ve had pretty good seats to the first 17.

I can’t remember what it was like for me when I was 17. I was grumpy mostly.

I took Max to a hockey game in San Diego last night. The farm team for Anaheim is called the San Diego Gulls. It’s not quite Tijuana (my friends had a plan different than mine).

Interestingly, 17 years ago today Max was born and I too went to a hockey game. We were living in Phoneix and it was game 6 between the Coyotes and Blues. Big game.

I figured Max would slip into the world in the morning and while they slept that night TOMMY P (my partner still today) would wisk me off to the game and right back before anyone knew anything.

Long story short, Max was way late, he was healthy, and I put on a hell of a show to get a hall pass to go to the game. Of course the game went to overtime and the Blues won…ending the Coyotes season.

I was reminding Max about the story last night as we were leaving the game. He reminded me he hears it every year.

Max has his whole life in front of him and I’m so excited. College in a year, good grades and a 4 handicap. He even has really big (non Trump like) hands.

Music and golf play a huge role in his daily routine and I see the creativity in his eyes and while he thinks. I’m excited to watch his next 17 years from as close as he lets me.

Happy birthday Max

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