Meet Stocktwits New CEO — Ian Rosen

I am thrilled to announce that Ian Rosen has started today as CEO of Stocktwits.

I move up to Chairman again and Justin Paterno (@zerobeta) remains the man/COO.

Stocktwits continues to grow quickly and it was time to get more senior leadership day to day to help the team grow in New York and support the business partnerships. We have also raised a round of capital to continue hiring engineers.

I get to focus on content and partnerships and expanding the reach a lot more from san Diego and airplanes.

Ian and I are friends. I would call on him for advice over the years and he has always appreciated our vision at Stocktwits and the core value proposition (read his post below which nails it in his words).

When Ian left MarketWatch a few years back to co-found Even Financial with Phillip Rosen, Social Leverage invested. They have been growing fast and Phillip is leading the charge while Ian comes back to financial media which he missed.

Here is Ian on why he is joining us now.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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