My Daily Habits…What I Read and How To Draft Behind Me

May 4, 2017 · 1 min read

The number ONE question I get asked is what I read. My fantastic job IS to read. I am incentivized to read the right things. In some ways, my filters — what I DO NOT READ — may be even more important than what I do read.

I am a trend follower so I am in the drafting business.

I am an open book when it comes this stuff. I am all about you joining my peloton if you behave and follow some basic rules of the road.

Here is the list I share in my presentations:

Image for post
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No matter how much I share and no matter how real time I share it, my strategy will be doubted by enough people to leave me with an edge.

My ultimate edge comes down to my eyes and ears, the network I have made, the people I work most closely with everyday, the wins, the losses and the long miles on the road to get face time with smart people.

Oh, and I write everyday. Try that first no matter what your strategy is.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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