Open Source Software — An Undeniable Megatrend

Jan 13 · 1 min read

A lot of the companies we invest in at Social Leverage rely on open source software.

A lot of these same companies contribute their code to the open source libraries for others to use.

I follow public market companies like Elastic and MongoDB that are open source companies. IBM just paid $32 billion for Redhat (3 times sales). I owned Mulesoft early in the year which was acquired by Salesforce for $6 billion.

This trend towards open source software companies is covered really well by Mike Volpi in this TechCrunch piece . Mike is a co-founder of Index Ventures and before that Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco.

I had to read it a few times myself and plan to come back to it and other pieces by Mike has written over the years. It is amazing how certain people just see the future by looking at code.

Have a great Sunday.

PS — CB Insights has a lot of FREE and easy to follow, high level research on technology trends

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.


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