Sleep and Apple

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I enjoy the monthly journal of Kevin Rose. Kevin covers interesting tech and lifestyle topics and always has some interesting takes on the mind and body. You can subscribe here.

Kevin is an owner of an watch company (media and watch products) and he has been using the new Apple Watch:

I was an Apple Watch hater, but I was wrong. The Apple Watch is awesome, but not for the reasons you might think.
Over the last year, you might have noticed that I’ve been on a mini-crusade to limit technology and find balance in my life. For that reason, the thought of a push notification jukebox beeping and buzzing on my wrist has always frightened me.
When the Apple Watch Series 2 was released last year, I was attracted to it because of its health and fitness functions. I love the breathing exercises and being water resistant meant I could take it to the gym and in the shower.
It started solely as a gym watch, but a few months later I setup Apple Pay and found it as a convenient way to disconnect, often taking trips to the grocery store and cafe without the distraction of my cell phone. I was starting to really like this thing.
With the release of the Apple Watch 3 (with LTE) I can now truly leave my phone at home for extended periods of time. The LTE plan allows me to receive phone calls (via wireless Airpods) and the limited functionality (no browser) and difficulty of use (it’s hard to type) makes me avoid texting and email unless it’s truly an emergency. I also made sure to deeply configure it, turning off all notifications except for calendar events, fitness reminders, and Uber.
I could have never imagined having an Apple Watch would make me use technology less, but it has.

I will get getting one of these new watches myself for the exact same reasons.

Now to sleep…

Kevin had a link to an article by The Guardian detailing the lack of sleep and the risks to a longer life.

The article freaks me out because I am that person with awful sleep numbers.

Please have a read of the article and share it with friends you know suffer from sleep problems. It is a serious American problem.

Owning Resmed, the purest play stock, is not going to help me live a longer life. The stock is one of those that can bought on all 15–20 percent dips because it is the one pure play public sleep stock. Institutions love it.

Here are all my posts on Resmed and the topic of sleep over the years.

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