I don’t think the ‘Cloud’ boom ends for some time.

The cloud is like outer space. It is infinite.

Tren Griffin is one of my favorite financial writers and he says the cloud has changed earnings. This post from the summer is a great.

Tonight, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all reported earnings.

Combined, the stocks spiked $76 billion in just a few minutes.

The problem with these three ‘sad’ cloud companies is they have employees.

Not so with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the purest ‘cloud’ entity to date.

That might explain the impossible to imagine returns since inception in 2010…

Bitcoin has averaged a 25% monthly return since inception. Even if we subset to 2015 and beyond, Bitcoin has had an average monthly return of 10% (or a 8% median monthly return) compared to ~1% for the S&P 500. Additionally, I included the “Gold Only” portfolio in the chart above to illustrate how differently Bitcoin has behaved when compared to Gold. Bitcoin is not the new Gold. It is some other beast entirely.

This snippet is from this great post titled ‘Is Bitcoin in the Optimal Portfolio’.

Something on page 10 will stop this ‘cloud’ boom.

In the meantime, the first 9 pages are all Trump and that’s fine with all the CEO’s of stocks that are growing thanks to the cloud.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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Chairman and Co-Founder of Stocktwits..GP of Social Leverage, Wallstrip creator (purchased by $CBS)..Momentum, Acceleration & LOL hunter..Love Popcorn

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