The Content is the Kingmaker and The Platform is King

My friend Michael Porat invited me to speak at ICON in Palo Alto today.

The highlight of the day for me was listening to Jeffrey Katzenberg talk about strategy and video content.

To put it mildly, Jeffrey is excited about short form video for our mobile devices. It makes sense that he thinks Netflix is a buy. He’s talking his book. But, it was fun to hear him be as excited to play with an iPhone X as the rest of us thousandairres.

He’s super bullish on Hollywood which makes me think that Jeff Bezos and Amazon might just make their second HQ in Los Angeles, not Denver (do read this NY Times piece though).

Jeff explained that because of Silicon Valley, content is now just the kingmaker and it is the platform that is king.

Jeff also follows China very closely and offered some staggering stats. For instance, a recent film in China grossed $850 million in just THREE weeks. The movie is playing on 130,000 movie screens. For context, there are just 40,000 screens across all of America.

The best thing about Jeffrey’s chat was that he never mentioned Bitcoin. I don’t think he cares how you pay for the content that he’s going to fund and distribute.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.