The Defiant Ones

Holy smokes.

The Dow hit all-time highs today, but The Dow is not the defiant one of which I speak today.

I spent the last few nights with Ellen watching HBO’s The Defiant Ones. The documentary is about the partnership of Dr. Dre and Johnny Iovine.

It is fantastic.

These two guys have been relentless for decades.

There are so many lessons for creatives and entrepreneurs in the five hour documentary.

Some quick hits for you today….

Johnny talks about putting blinders on. It’s why they put them on horses so they stay focused on the track in front of them.

‘Do it again, do it again, do it again’ — Gwen Stefani remembers this most about Johnny pushing her in her career.

‘Stay in the Saddle’

‘Quit fucking around’

And always remember this — which Bono delivers it perfectly — ‘Come on ..let’s have some lunch’.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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