The Ten Best Stocks of The Last Ten Years…Do Not Underestimate The Power of a Good List

Ivanhoff posted the ten best stocks of the last ten years back in February and it has really stuck with me.

Forgetting the individual names for a minute, it makes sense in hindsight that the internet, biotech and China dominated the list going forward.

I have no idea if the same trends carry the same stocks, different stocks or if tomorrow one new super trend emerges that carries ten stocks I have never heard of to this list.

I do know I will easily spot these winners and own some if not all of them. I will have to do the most work on ‘holding’ them.

It does not take as much work as you might think to spot winners. These stocks spend a lot of time on the 52-week and all-time high lists. These are the two lists I check most often for ideas.

When I helped Ivan start his premium service now at, the goal was to isolate, track and organize a list of stocks that we felt had the best overall strength and therefore the best chance at large future gains. I had been doing this the last twenty years and now formally with Ivan the last three. Ivan has a growing business and it is fulfilling work for both of us.

It is amazing that after all these years studying markets and stocks that (most of the time) I have to look up the companies on the list just to see what they do.

This week alone, I am only familiar with two of the top ten companies.

Once I have eyeballed the list, it only takes me another few minutes to look up the companies that I am unfamiliar with and start to think about the industries they are dominating and the catalysts that may continue to drive them.

By studying the list Ivan publishes just weekly, your understanding of the markets, prices, trends and psychology will improve very quickly.

Even if you do not want to buy and sell stocks, it makes sense to study this list. If you are an angel or venture capital investor it will help you think about the stocks and industries that institutions are buying. If you are younger it could help shape the skills you want to have or the career you may want to pursue. The markets are all connected and following past leaders is under appreciated.

PS — Stocktoberfest is where I pull all this thinking together with CEO’s, investors and entrepreneurs. If you can’t make it to NYC for the event March 30th, share the event link with your friends interested in the markets.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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