Trade from Fidelity, ETrade, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood and Scottrade DIRECT From Stocktwits…

Back in 2008 when we started Stocktwits I would set meetings up at ETrade and the other brokerages explaining the watering hole that was Stocktwits. I asked, explained then begged the brokerages to connect their API’s to Stocktwits so their customers could hang out all day and trade. Investing from the stream. A win/win/win.

Never happened.

Finally today with the help of a smart middleware solution from TradeIt our Stocktwits users can connect to their favorite broker (more coming soon) and see their account and even swipe to trade and invest.

It’s really simple to connect from your Stocktwits app. Just head to ‘settings’:

Next click ‘brokerage connections’:

Next just click your current brokerage (below I clicked Fidelity):

If you don’t have an account today, Fidelity has partnered with us in the app so you can click on any Fidelity link at the top of the streams and quickly open an account.

Our first API partner Robinhood is also an easy way to connect and get started with the added plus of free commission.

Once you are connected it’s really easy to manage and build your portfolio … below I am buying Cisco today through my Robinhood account direct from Stocktwits with a quick swipe:

This is just the beginning of course.

If you had told me it would take 8 years to get this type of integration happening from the brokerages I would have called ‘bullshit’. Actually I did call ‘bullshit’ and we started Stocktwits. I have been wrong. It’s been a long road to make this happen and so we are excited for this next era of investing and trading.

I welcome any feedback and ideas to further expand the integrations.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.

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