You’ve Been Rothenberged…Thanks Harvard

Sep 14, 2016 · 1 min read

I was reading this Rothenberg story/comedy/crime/Harvard case study/celebration and was blown away.

Not much new here in terms of greed, fraud and silly investor behavior. I have chased returns and have been fooled myself. It’s infuriating and expensive (time, money, confidence).

We miss the obvious signs which in hindsight seem so obvious.

In this Rothenberg saga, a good ‘tell’ for investors in a pitch should have been this:


I honestly don’t know how Rothenberg could raise money with a straight face pitching this drivel, but he sure did. I am sure his Harvard degree helped. I myself am done backing Harvard people. I am lumping them in with Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs.

Harvard made a case study about Rothenberg which likely glorified his ‘genius’ but the ‘real’ case study begins now. I would pay for the new one. It’s more likely to get written by a Devry graduate than someone from Harvard.

Originally published at Howard Lindzon.


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