First. I’m buying the tokens.
Mark Cuban

Mark, I appreciate your thoughtful response to my post on the Mercury Protocol. I do agree that we are both looking to help entrepreneurs build billion dollar companies as we both did in our careers. This is how our country to going to stay competitive and create the high paying jobs we need.

In response to your questions on liquidity for investors, I do agree with you that until we can provide a path for investors, the crowdfunding marketplace will stay small and put undue stress to ordinary investors. Just take a look at how liquidity has exploded the size of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketplace. The only problem is this marketplace is running without any regulation or oversight which is needed to protect investors from scams.

Recently, Patrick Byrne of Overstock fame, launched T-zero as the first regulated exchange designed for blockchain tokens issued as securities and I recently launched StartEngine Secondary. The goal is to provide ordinary investors a path to liquidity under SEC regulation. I know, we are not carrying the best news for the ICO marketplace but please don’t shoot the messenger.

I think Mercury Protocol has an important mission but they could also accomplish it by giving their investors protection by using one of the SEC regulations under the JOBS ACT. If they don’t and investors lose their money, they could be forced to refund all of their investors.

I invite you and your team to join us in the debate at our ICO 2.0 summit on November 10 if you are interested. This is the moment the ICO industry needs to take it to the next level and to create the next great companies.