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Dawn Dickson, Founder & CEO of PopCom

When you break down social barriers, everybody wins, or perhaps this is better said as everybody has the same chance to win. The process has earned the name “leveling the playing field” for a reason.

In the US, the process of raising capital remains one of the last bastions where you can see extreme bias. It’s hidden and tucked away in term sheets that are not available to the public, but recent studies have shed light on the issue. It’s no secret now that startup funding is heavily biased and that problem is particularly acute in venture capital funding.

Traditionally, venture capitalists predominantly invest in well-educated white men, and this is a bias that needs to be broken down because not only is it unfair, it’s also bad for business. Opportunities abound in the US economy, and the classic white male from Stanford cannot possibly build every company for our country. …

Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to announce that StartEngine’s second Regulation A offering has finally been qualified by the SEC. As readers of my blog posts, I wanted to let you know about this new campaign. We are planning to raise $10M at $7.50 per share.

Last year was a good one for StartEngine, and we have been able to increase our revenue from $2M to almost $5M in one year. …

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If you want a safe bet with little risk, investing your money is easy. Just buy Treasury bonds. They carry practically no risk and are guaranteed by the full faith of the United States Government. However, in exchange for that safety, Treasury bonds return a small percentage of the investment that varies based on the Federal Reserve policy.

However, to have much higher returns, sometimes a multiple of the money you invested in the first place, there’s only one possible way to achieve those returns. …


Howard Marks

CEO at StartEngine and co-founder at Activision/Blizzard. Raise capital with equity crowdfunding on www.startengine.com

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