My Hillary Hat is now my Hat of Hope

More than a week has gone by since I voted, proudly, for Hillary Clinton.

A week and and a half turned upside down and inside out.

Yet, earlier this week, as I was outside with Jackson for his daily morning walk (or second of two daily morning walks…yes, we do), I again saw my hope slightly ignited.

You see, before the election, both my husband and I wore our Hillary hats, proudly. And since the election, we have continued to wear them, proudly still. We like them. We don’t like red hats, especially ones that show a disregard for the greatness all around us. And it shows we are still committed. Committed to Hillary Clinton. Committed to her views of and plans for progress. Committed to a country which lives up to what we like to promote: freedom and justice for all.

So during this walk, a woman stops, smiles at me and tells me “she loves my hat.” Following her, also walking their dog is a couple, and they acknowledge “we do too.”

My Hillary hat used to promote that I was with her. Yet now, I feel it is a connector. It connects me to people who believe in the right way. Who believe that all people should be welcomed in America. And that we are all equal. And wearing it gives me hope that while we experienced a huge setback, we will rise together to oppose discrimination and protest those who spread hate. It gives me hope that there are millions of us who will take individual and collective actions to ensure we keep the principles behind America intact and in fact we make progress in areas we are still lagging.

My Hillary Clinton hat is now my Hat of Hope.

Just because the election is over and many are more fearful and depressed than ever, it doesn’t mean our hopes before November 8 should go away. In fact, we need to hold that hope even higher, individually and collectively.

And we’re seeing that more and more. We’re seeing peaceful protests in the streets from east to west; we’re contributing to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in record numbers; we’re talking live with each other more and openly sharing our concerns and worries; and we’re looking for ways to not just “accept” but to marshall our energies to productive sets of actions. And we’re seeing great public acts of strength like what we saw last night from the cast of “Hamilton” and their ask of Mr. Pence.

Like many, I am tired of the words “accept,” “move on,” “unity” (not that I don’t believe in unity, I do). But I am worried for our liberties and acceptance. I am worried that the man selected to be our Attorney General has a racist background.

So a simple idea. The election is over. But that doesn’t mean your election gear has to be put away in our closets and attics. Keep wearing the Hillary hats, keep wearing your Hillary buttons, proudly display your “woman cards.”

This allows us to connect with each other and keep wearing our hopes publicly.