Snapmaker 2.0 A350 Tech Review

Snapmakers innovative technology and modular design make this 3-in-1 machine a hot contender for at-home makers. Do-It-yourself hobbyist or small business owners can make their ideas come to life utilizing the 3D Printer, Laser Engraving/Cutting, and CNC Carving all packed into one machine.

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These new inventions are changing the game when it comes to different manufacturing processes. Machinery can be very expensive, and combining different skills/trades like this all into one is going to dictate how companies create their products.

3D printing is taking the world by storm, it is being used to build houses or even experimenting printing food! If 3D printers continue to advance, and start making machines that print metal or have even more capabilities mixed into one…It will completely change traditional manufacturing. Only one person might be required to make a product, when a company might have required 4–5 people before.

3D Printer

The FDM printer is great for beginners just getting started with small projects, as well as large accurate parts for experienced engineers. The Snapmaker may be pricey, but the quality of the 3D printer is far greater than most low cost 3D printers. The process and features make the set up super easy and only a few well instructed steps to get started.

Actual print time varies on what quality print you choose in your settings. Normal/High quality can take a very long time depending on how big the print is going to be, this toy took roughly 9 hours. Snapmaker Luban software is fairly easy to navigate, but I found using other slicer software (Cura is free and similar) or Simplify3D is what I use and works very well.

Overall I was impressed with the 3D printer, however printing multiple prints at once was troublesome due to the temperature and material of the bed. My review is 4/5 because of this and requiring additional software for slicing.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Auto Leveling


  • Needs better slicing software
  • Removable print sheet moves for multiple prints

Laser Engraving/Cutting

Snapmakers design allows quickly interchangeable modules and removing the 4 screws to change the tool head is a breeze. This Laser engraving feature has a built-in camera and software included in Luban. The Laser Module can burn designs into wood, leather, or plastic. I found the laser to be a bit underpowered, and requiring multiple runs to achieve my desired finish. Snapmaker now offers a much higher powered module, and I recommend this upgrade when purchasing this product.

Click here to see 10W High Power Laser Module

Overall I was not every impressed with the Laser Module and found it to be frustrating. I think the upgrade to the new more powerful module will eliminate most of these problems and just overall better experience. My review is 3/5 because of the limited capabilities.


  • Fast work speed
  • Aluminum table


  • Built-in camera hard to calibrate
  • Underpowered
  • $400 upgrade looks better

CNC Carving

The CNC feature is the most complicated to set up and get going. One key factor is to keep the space clean and have proper ventilation. The CNC drill bits fit into a 0.5–6.35mm shank which offers 6000–12,000 rpm. Different variety of materials can be used including Wood, acrylic, PCB, carbon fiber sheet, jade, and more being tested.

Overall I found this to be the most challenging tool and longest time spent. The quality of all the tooling and bits are great that it comes with, but it does have a steep learning curve. Figuring out G-codes and integrating them with the Luban software takes some research and time spent in forums. I think this feature has amazing opportunities and can accomplish many creative projects once mastered. My review is 5/5 because it works great, once taking the time to research forums and master.


  • ER11 Collet for many bits
  • Clamping Kits
  • Works on many different materials


  • Need big ventilated space for dust
  • Difficult learning curve
  • Much time required to not mess up material


Overall I think the Snapmaker is a high quality, Well-made 3–1 tool that is great for daily projects. Its ease of use and modular design make it convenient, and I see this technology only advancing more in the future. Snapmaker has already increased its watts for the Laser module, and I see this Kickstarter project only gaining even more technology features in the future.

I think advances in technology and machinery like this are positively going to send us in the right direction for manufacturing. Innovative designs like these bring out the creativeness in people, and give smaller companies a chance to be a one stop shop for any daily projects. This can end up depending more on machines, and less people to complete projects.



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