The Russians knew about Michael Flynn’s secret meetings with the Russian ambassador, and knew they’d talked about sanctions, but you didn’t.

The Russians knew Jared Kushner was trying to set up secret communications channels, but you didn’t.

The Russians knew that Junior set up a meeting — including Kushner and Paul Manafort — to seek dirt on Hillary, but you didn’t.

Now, consider this: whatever other Russian affairs the Trumpsters have lied about or hidden, the Russians already know about those, too.

This puts America at a big disadvantage. Trump officials with something to hide might start to tip-toe around Russia to avoid disclosure. The Russians could even use their knowledge of Trumpsters’ behavior to outright blackmail them.

Especially given Trump’s admiring and subservient attitude toward Putin, this becomes a huge factor in international relations. Our allies are not likely to trust what Trump’s compromised officials tell them. People won’t believe what we say about Russia.

So it doesn’t matter whether anything these guys did was a crime or not. Their actions were —and still are — a betrayal of America’s best interests.

Make America Weak. Sell out our national interests for your own benefit.

Thanks, Trump.

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