Howard Wilner and AutoMax Pre-Owned Announce New Rental Fleet

Howard Wilner
3 min readJul 2, 2019


Howard Wilner and AutoMax Preowned Announce New Rental Fleet

Howard Wilner, President of AutoMax Pre-Owned and the AutoMax Pre-Owned team is excited to announce the establishment of a rental fleet at its’ dealerships throughout Massachusetts. Currently, AutoMax Pre-Owned has four locations throughout Massachusetts: two in Framingham, one in Marlborough and one in Attleboro.

“We saw an exciting opportunity to offer an additional service to customers who are interested in renting a vehicle,” Wilner said. “Our rental fleet is growing quickly due to a rapid increase in customers who no longer want to pursue traditional vehicle ownership but still want the occasional access to a vehicle.”

“AutoMax Pre-Owned is thrilled we’re able to tap into a new and distinctly separate profit center, complementing our parts, service, new, used and finance departments,” says Howard Wilner. “This diversification is important as customer needs continue to change.”

Not only does a rental fleet offer customers an enhanced slate of services at AutoMax Pre-Owned, it also works to increase profits overall and to help customers realize the freedom that comes with owning a vehicle full-time. “We see many customers return to us time and time again, looking to purchase a new or used vehicle after trying out a vehicle in our rental fleet,” says Howard Wilner. The rental fleet serves as an entry-point to AutoMax Pre-Owned’s new and used vehicle departments, increasing profits across the entire operation.

The rental fleet exposes people to a product, and in an era where vehicles are less required as communities are made more walkable, this glimpse into the freedom of vehicle ownership can be life-changing.

The use of vehicles as rentals is increasingly on the rise, and there is a strong demand to support such a business. This is evidenced by the rise of many nearby rental car groups with extensive vehicle fleets. For some customers, a rental vehicle can serve as an extended “test drive” for those who are considering whether or not to purchase that particular vehicle.

Walk in customers account for a large portion of AutoMax Pre-Owned’s rental fleet business. These customers are typically referred by insurance companies, independent repair shops and collision centers.

The fleet consists of vehicles of every type imaginable: “from sedans to crossovers to convertibles and more, AutoMax Pre-Owned has it,” says Wilner.

Perhaps most importantly, Automax Pre-Owned’s rental fleet is for sale at any time, and each rental vehicle carries a marketing flyer. This allows some customers to purchase the vehicle they have just rented, or to choose another vehicle from one of AutoMax Pre-Owned’s four locations to purchase.

Any vehicle that is removed from the rental fleet is sold as a certified used vehicle. This allows Howard Wilner and the AutoMax Pre-Owned team to create a certified pre-owned vehicle supply which can command a much higher margin than new vehicles. Rather than purchasing vehicles at auction, Howard Wilner and his team essentially create a continuous source of certified pre-owned vehicles for all AutoMax locations.

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Howard Wilner

President of Automax Preowned in Framingham, Massachusetts.