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Remember email chains? The ones that would curse you to burn in hell if you didn’t complete the chain, or promised a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and luck if you completed it? I do, I remember laughing as I pushed the delete button.

A few days ago, I received a similar tactic in my Instagram messages. A message with a list of 15 people to follow and in return you send the list to 15 of your friends to keep the chain going. Essentially, this DM chain promised followers upon completion.

I’m not a big…

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If you are like me, sometimes your own platforms get placed on the back burner. Life gets busy. Something has to give, right? Sometimes it is our health, family time, time with friends (virtually socializing), or even parts of our lives that make us who we are get neglected.

For me, as a social media manager, my own platform frankly embarrasses me sometimes. I have spent countless hours cultivating skills and knowledge in this trade and yet have NO time to put those skills into practice on my own platforms. …

Here is the Difference!

In larger companies, the social media department fits under the umbrella of the marketing department. Within that social media department are many positions that work together as a team but have individual focuses. However, in my world, my clients are either new to utilizing social media in their business, or are uncertain of what they need in the first place. And no wonder! There are so many titles with often overlapping roles and tasks that is enough to make your head spin!

Here are the three main positions explained so that you know exactly what to offer your client, or…

Taking Time to Answer That Old Question, “Who Am I?”

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I am back from my writing hiatus. The desire to write has crossed my mind every day, this was not a simple case of writer’s block. Fact is, I was tired of riding the wave of publishing daily and watched the quality of my content slowly slip into mediocrity to appease the nagging fear of maintaining progress and relevance. I want writing to be more than a hobby. I want my posts to be more than click-bait.

Therefor, I took time. Time to assess what I really want to delve into next. The topics I have chosen are no longer…

Is Breaking the Snacking Habit Necessary?

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Making healthy choices is usually easy for me. I love the gym, I like eating healthy food and sprinkling in the occasional treat or restaurant. My weakness is nighttime. The late night hungies is what my family calls it.

Knowing my weakness, I save my late night hungies for the weekend as a scheduled treat. Recently, I was chastised for eating while watching a movie and that got me thinking… what is so wrong with that?

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Winding down on the weekend and watching Hulu goes hand in hand with a sweet or salty treat. According to…

Tips for guilt-free self-care

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Growing up, I witnessed my mother give everything to her children. She worked to keep us in school, with nice clothes and good food. My parents are the definition of good parents. I feel so blessed and a tad bit of pressure because they set the bar so high.

That being said, my mother has a hard time buying new things for herself. Necessities, like clothes and shoes. …

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Simple Situations that Keep You from Going Out

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I have a vivid memory from elementary school, waiting in the car while my father talked to my teacher. I remember watching my dad walking towards the car in his distinct purposeful gait. My dad has a signature walk. Fast paced, direct steps and head down at an angle staring at the ground.

I always wondered why my father never looked up when he was walking. We loved walking as a family. We completed miles and miles of adventures and family treks. It was our thing. …

2 Simple Methods for Dealing With Anger

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First and foremost, anger is not a bad thing. It is a natural thing. In fact, it can be a healthy and constructive tool when used appropriately. People have studied anger both in its positive form and the harmful consequences.

It’s a mistake to presume that kindness, compassion, love, and fairness line up on one side of a continuum, and anger, rage, and dislike, on another side. Positivity alone is insufficient to the task of helping us navigate social interactions and relationships. A healthy society is not an anger-free society. — Kashdan and Biswas-Diener

What happens when we don’t use…

Women and Weight Lifting

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I have been weight lifting almost three years now. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it feels like an eternity. I have heard my more experienced gym partners say it takes about two years to get the basics of weight lifting. That blew my mind as a noob. Now, I see what they mean.

My weight lifting journey has progressed like so:

1. Give up the never ending cardio loop of failure

2. Be dragged onto the weight floor by my brother and gym partner

3. Flail, learn, flail some more and take constructive criticism (this took about a year)

4. Spend another year watching, researching super…

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