It is both poor arithmetic, and rather disrespectful in the bargain, to go throwing around…
Ron Collins

amen to mr collins and his adept understanding of just how americans of spanish descent in texas are. yes ron there are “yellow”dog democrats and they all aren’t hispanic, they are just conservatives whose parents would roll over in their grave if their son or daughters identified as republican. i usually get a good laugh when some speak of their knowledge on how spanish descent folks are automatically locked into the left. i can’t speak for places other than colorado and texas where i have lived and have sons married into americans of spanish descent families from texas .when i was growing up hearing mexicans calling another mexican mojado or wet back simply meant they had recently arrived . moving to colorado and running into a new term chicano to explain non land grant recent arrivals was a different education itself. thank you for this incise article and may it strike fear into the knee jerk libs who populate the pages here so often that they take the time to hopefully grow out of the desires for the rest of us by educating themselves of the folly of their thinking.

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