Funny thing is (not laughing), it’s always men who make this sort of remarks about this…
Ron Collins

being self employed most of my adult life my only real way time wise to to fight these programs (acts or whatever one wants to call them) was doing exactly what we are doing now , writing and talking to anyone who will listen as to why we disagree with such boondoogles that help with incremental government encroachment and those so bent to champion it into our everyday lives. the only real effect i personally ever saw from this was when my state of texas which had a program to help less well off folks to fix or replace a old car that wouldn’t pass federal mandates (so that the state could continue sucking up to the federal lick log) rolled pack a program that over the years morphed into something it never was intended. it started off innocently enough( still wrong) as a 1000 dollar voucher in counties so determined for improvement (major metro areas)and for the first couple of years occassionally my little car lot would see one of these. i was a stand alone lot , i didn’t carry notes, but i could still help because the program allowed for ten years or newer,less then 100k miles as long as the car passed another intrusive program emissions test. at that time a lot of used cars were only 2500–4000 dollars and i could get many ,the banks actually helped back then, a small loan. you only saw less well to do folks with the vouchers so i thought ok they got it somewhat right. then the do gooders that migrated into the jobs of administrating the project got more funding to enforce even more stringent fed regs and now their solution was a 3000 dollar voucher and the car had to be three model years or newer and less than 70k. like idiots they kept passing out the vouchers to their usual client who unfortunately didn’t usually have the type of credit necessary to purchase the newer mandated vehicle so lots of vouchers went back (they were only good for thirty days). i guess in fear of losing funding they really started to advertise the program. they upped the limits of who could participate and bingo it became a middle class welfare program for folks that could purchase newer to begin with but who now had a way of getting 3000 for the kids old 500 dollar sled. years of griping to local state reps got the program pared back 74 million but its still with us just waiting to grow again. when it started they had exactly three employees for dfw metroplex. when they lost funding they had seventy. the money comes from a twenty five dollar higher fee on all drivers for inspections on their vehicle every year. they swear i have cleaner air . i don’t really have an answer for you on the matriarch thingy unless its our habits of always chasing that sweet smell of something. i hope more folks read your writings as you really do have it right and thats probably the reason for so little traction which is another crime in its own right.