“Centrists” Are Violent Extremists
Caitlin Johnstone

caitlin more people in the twentieth century were killed by those folks at the end of the horsehoe. on that left side you possess you have the likes of mao,stalin,pol pot and on the side not far away as your hated centrist would say you had the likes of hitler , mussolini, and the war lords of japan. the point you seem to miss with this american slang county talk is that even though the politics of those ends are different the people operating at those ends always end up as a dictatorship of sorts whether its by a single strong man and his cronies or committee style. soft lefties always think they are smarter then that and it can’t happen again but all you have to do is look back a couple of hundred years anytime throughout history that is recorded and you can muster up a pretty good example of history repeating itself. your a label kind of writer and thats sort of scary in its own right.

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