Bipartisan Electors Ask James Clapper: Release Facts on Outside Interference in U.S. Election
Christine Pelosi

first off ms pelosi you say bipartisan ,when you of all people ,you know the one related to nancy pelosi, that electors can’t demand any such thing from the cia or the fbi. your little misinformation false news gamble is just that false news, which after today since the cia refused to even relate the “information” a couple of rogue operatives have fed to folks the likes of yourself, have refused to brief the committee responsible for them. absolutely pathetic. please take your mother and go home to the vinyards with your underpaid and un- documented workers. four more days of this nonsense and hopefully you and your ilk won’t get a whole lot of press ,even the ones , which includes most of them that believe and act upon this garbage you have strewn along our nations media ways. have a nice four and hopefully eight years in the hinterlands aka california. oh , please change your states destructive taxation as we are tired of your refugees coming to the rest of the country looking for respite from you and your compatriots on the left coast.

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