Clint Eastwood Liberals
Abel Cohen

i assumed that the trump ascendency to obamas throne would be bad for business with some of my gunstore owner friends. they slowed for awhile, some hard to get ammunition started reappearing due to less demand from a lack of panic from the good ole boy crowd. then,almost like magic, several weeks after trumps crowning achievement , and only days after the resistance chatter started amongst the new neocon-liberal crowd , the mad hatter set, violently vocal angry still in denial set , started showing up and buying a pistol or two along with ammo. bastille day in the making or just a not quite quiet recognition that some dearly held beliefs of cumba ya are just, that i don’t know. my guess is its a real shocker when cherished beliefs fall asunder for the make believe fantasy dungeons and dragoon crowd. i for one will be glad when all folks are armed and dangerous, maybe then the leftist elite crowd will quit drooling down their noses at the rest of the clint eastwood peons , in the meantime they are looking to overcome their folly by arming themselves. sam colt did make us all equal, not that beautiful scrap of parchment scribbled upon in 1776 and 1787. one last thing its don’t bring a knife to a gunfight especially at a backwoods gun range where the fried chicken eating crowd reigns. being able to hit what you aim at is the only kind of gun control i wish to be master of and live under. problem with lefty’s is they simply have no faith in their fellow man being able to decide what is best for himself and by taking care of himself he is also taking care of everyone else. i enjoyed your article even though i’m quite sure while you might be fun to have a couple of beers with i’m the polar oposite of what this piece seems to desire.

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