Holy shit. You’re totally right; fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.
Abel Cohen

i don’t know about the alt intolerant bullshit , i was just following up on your polite request that i read a couple of your pieces, with this being one of them. your rather inspiring defense is more the style i have come to enjoy in your take of things happening about us these days. do not you find it odd ,your statement about “ that conceit of the firearm- leveled playing field” brings into question, for folks so bent, the intent of those who thru their presumed brillance would make the rules for their underlings. its great that that you work hard to stay in shape to protect your family and i hope thats all you ever need , as for me i trust mr colt for the personal and all the time again hoping to never need. the bow five thousand years ago was to those generations what the guns is to ours. beauty and the beast so to say. mine represents the thought of the ability to resist if there is no other option, just like your writings are the escape from that onerous yellowy orange fellow you have mentioned several times. i’ll break an elbow to you.

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