How is the M91/30 simpler in construction than the Kar98k or the other bolt-action rifles used…
Will Leong

if you owned a mauser 98 and russian 7.62x54 you would probably understand the difference in terms of workmanship put into the two primary firearms of the respective infantry forces. the russian gun while rather crude in fit and finish is still a formidable and accurate rifle. i have one built in 1934 out of the tula arsenal in a regular infantry format(not the sniper) and with iron sights on a good day i can accurately fire into four inches at 200yards with russian surplus ammo. i’d love to scope this rifle but like the article says it would cost more than i paid for the gun and diminish its value since its not original to that gun. the russian 7.62x 54 rimmed cartridge is on par with our current 308 or 7.62x51 nato round only its 60 years older. the mauser 98 action is the most copied and sought after for modern rifles and conversions to other calibers , especially for hunting rifles.

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