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i’m sorry to disagree with you carimah, as de blasio and followers couldn’t be more than wrong on many different levels. i can agree that many folks here illegally are good people but you know what, they still are breaking laws , laws which some left leaning americans along with their more centered and right leaning compatriots over the years created. legal immigration is wonderful and helped create the fabric of our society over the years. that fact however is no reason to abandon law simply because leftist want to be picky about what is enforced simply to gain advantage politically. its also the reason that so many unskilled folks are arriving who cannot add to our great nation for several generations. assimilation is not a four letter word ,assimilation or the lack thereof prevents the non legal person from feeling welcome and becoming a productive member of our society and i would think you should be ashamed for promoting that condition by blandly pooh poohing legal immigration which made our country the destination of folks wishing for a better tomorrow, somewhere they really wanted to be , not somewhere that was safe and could take care of them in the shadows.

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