I doubt if anybody cared about Australia much except for the Australians.
Svetlana Voreskova

interesting concept, read a lot of history some of which i admit not thoroughly investigated or perhaps understood. from a russian point of view stalin was constantly belittling the allies for not opening a european front sooner. many then and even today do not realize the material procurement effort necessary for such endeavors. remember one of russia’s plan for their late war effort to attack japan was one way boats rounded up from anywhere and crashed on the shores of north japan. after what happen in the attack on the kuriles further north its probably a good thing stalin stood down on sept 15. earlier agreements had called for stalin to attack in the east as soon as possible after surrender in europe. that was done over a year before the end in europe.( did stalin come up thru the balkins underbelly of europe because it was less defendable or to be able to control all of that area after the war. chess anyone?) not sure what if anything that had to do with US attacks in okinawa rather than manchuria but chaing didn’t particularily want US forces mainland. just like russia got supplies from the west so did mao and chaing. russia on this side of the atlantic never got the credit it deserved for its defeat of hitler but it seems many russians had trouble giving the american effort for fighting on three fronts and being a material supplier much do either. if you will look at the pacific ocean, you will see why it was by nature necessarily a naval effort. japan couldn’t have gotten it without one and the allies couldn’t have gotten it back without a better one or more likely one that had more staying power.

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