The True Story Of How Standing Rock Fell
Marty Skovlund, Jr.

marty thank you for this article, the only discourse i see is that of your claim that you have no knowledge of what went down between the different entities that made the pipeline possible in the first place and you didn’t want to make judgement upon supporters or protestors because of that. mr allison points out a very good point as does angela lee and i have read several times of the hundreds of meetings and hearings that originally allowed the pipeline and how the tribe had a deal and basically renigged on their part ,holding out for more money. the pipeline route was jogged and the tribe with the new route would get nothing. only at that time was it then about sacred land and water protection. native americans have often gotten a raw deal as most folks who are overun by another do. but this time thats simply not the case. why don’t you study the history of the big inch line built during ww2 to supply oil and gas to the east coast and its safety record and lack of bad publicity. most of the other hundreds of pipelines in operation around this country today have the same safety records . i also wonder if you found it ironic that so many of the folks that went there to “protect the environment” could help wreak so much damage upon it with their presence on such a fragile area.

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