The Trump/Russia Memos Might Not Be All They’re Cracked Up to Be
Taylor Griffin

one would think that mr trump was aware of this info floating around ,especially if as you propose it might have been used in the primaries against him by none other than other republicans. obviously it wasn’t as republicans are either of a higher standard than buzzfeed and cnn(despite their caveat) or they never had it. the real sin here is that sometime before christmas the opposition to trump went from disbelief that they lost to outright de-legitamizing animosity. propaganda and fake news are definitely cousins if not brother and sister. our PC generation has for the most part only heard and been indoctrinated into the cnn line of thought and presentation and they do not handled adversity to their way of thinking and protected sympathies due to the environment they reside in so of course they fall prey to anything that sounds right to them. poor acosta was reduced to hopping up and down like a jackrabbit to ask or force his question. hope his indignancy doesn’t do him in .

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